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Finding Charlie's Voice is an Irish Registered Charity (CHY22899) that supports children and young adults with speech and language communication needs in Ireland.


The charity was inspired by Charlie, now 9, but born with Verbal Dyspraxia - a rare neurological speech sound disorder, impacting about 1:1000 children worldwide.


For reasons unknown, the pathways between the brain and the mouth have not developed, which results in unintelligible speech. It is also known as Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Children with Verbal Dyspraxia have immense difficulty planning the precise movements necessary to produce speech.


Those with verbal dyspraxia need to be taught the precise motor movements necessary to form sounds and words. They need to hear and say a single word over 1000 times before it becomes natural output, and so progress is slow and time spent in therapy is long - often years and years.


Their speech cannot be corrected without intensive, early and frequent intervention from a qualified Speech and Language Therapist.


Every child deserves the right to reach their highest communication potential. Every child deserves the right to support and intervention and to participate meaningfully in society.


We believe that children should be seen AND heard. Communication is a basic human right, but it is also a privilege.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Many children and young adults with speech and language communication needs, will rely on parents/guardians/adults to advocate on their behalf

- to be their voice until they find their own.

At Finding Charlie's Voice, we use the voice of not only our parents, but of adults living with speech and language disorders. These are our ambassadors and help drive our mission and ensure our values and goals remain person centered.

Our Mission

Our Mission

is to ensure that no child is left behind because they cannot speak and/or understand.


Our Vision

is to ensure that every child or young adult with a speech and language communication need, is afforded every opportunity and support to reach their highest communication potential.


Our Aim

is to support children and young adults in getting the appropriate supports that they need, through advocacy, research and direct support.


Our Board of Directors

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